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It is with great joy and excitement that we announce that we accomplished our first major Operation HerStory mission on October 6th, 2021! Operation HerStory, with the generous donations of so many contributors, flew 93 women veterans to Washington, D.C. from Chicago, for a long-overdue day of honor, camaraderie, and sisterhood with a Welcome Home in Chicago that was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Our partner for this historic day, Honor Flight Chicago, provided comfortable accommodations and logistical support to make this an unforgettable and safe day for all those veterans we honored. We served together and we were visible, together. We thank our Donors, Guests, Guardians, Volunteers, and families for all of their love and support as we planned and executed this monumental day. The Operation HerStory team is planning our next mission and will update you soon!

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Calling women who served

At this stage, we seek to highlight the service of women who served in any branch of the military during WWII, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War (or who served in the military between 1940 – 1975). You do not need to be a combat veteran or have served overseas to be eligible to be honored by Operation HerStory’s next mission. EVERYONE who served on active duty is deserving of this honor! Please nominate others and yourself – join us in telling your story and participating in future Operation HerStory events!

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Ginny Narsete (MSgt, USAF, Retired) by phone at (740) 228-1099

or by e-mail at

“My head is still spinning! What a fantastic day, so well organized and the volunteers were the best!! I may change my name so I can go again!!”

Amelia Cunningham

Korean War - Air Force


Operation HerStory honors women veterans and their service in the United States Armed Forces by making them visible and highlighting their vital contributions to our military during various eras of service. As an organization, we focus on bringing women veterans together to share their military service stories while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow sisters in arms.


Operation HerStory aims to ensure that every eligible Illinois woman veteran that served during WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and periods in between 1940 – 1975, is invited on a trip to Washington, D.C. during her lifetime to tour the various war monuments and experience being honored for her service upon her return home. This one-day trip will include visits to the Women’s Memorial, WAC museum, and Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

Overview of the program

This one-day program would launch with an early morning flight out of Midway Airport in Chicago (MDW) to Washington, D.C., (IAD) on a chartered Southwest Airlines flight filled with women veterans. The day of honor could include a lunch or dinner at the Women in Military Service Memorial or the Women’s Vietnam Memorial, and a visit to the Army Women’s Museum. Our Heroes would return to Chicago Midway on an evening flight to be greeted at home by a crowd of friends, family, and community supporters. Welcome these women home for the heroes they are!

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